This physical part is planned according to the new studies carried out in terms of load and concentration, being absolutely compatible with the training of each player in his team of origin. A non-harmful supplement with low loads is sought that will optimize the results in the individual once the established work periods have ended.

We will alternate work in each session with the specific contents of each student's sport (speed, explosive strength ...) so that at the end of each program, the student is able to assess their improvement in each of these aspects.

We will have initial physical tests of speed, strength and endurance that will mark us the starting point existing in each individual and on which we will base ourselves to quantify the effectiveness of our work.

In the initial part of each session, specific exercises will be worked on to prevent muscle injuries and joint mobility, always ending with a mandatory space to calm down, stretching work or use of the foam-roller.

This phase will never exceed 30 minutes of work.

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